Who We Are

Who we are


Confluence is an Architectural and engineering solutions firm, which is implementing best engineering management, practices to the ultimate satisfaction of its clients.

Confluence, was founded in 1999 by the Founder Partners Vineeta Singhania Sharma and Mr Vishal Sharma. They are both established and accredited industry leaders with a vision to build wholistic & sustainable design process and delivering diversified scale of projects with exceptional quality. Confluence as a design Firm has grown by leaps and bound in the past decade and has become a leading multi-disciplinary design consultancy today. The journey from 3 members to 85+ creative Architects and Designers has been extremely exciting in lot many ways. The key to our success has been a strategic vision, wholistic and planned thought process, a vivacious yet diligent team, innovative design vision and transparency in our working processes. We have developed a large force of multidisciplinary professionals and an enviable network of associated expertise.

Our client base caters to some of the renowned names in the industry that encompasses a range of specialised practice areas like Houses, Clubs, Master Planning, Interiors, Residential, Commercial, Workplace, Infrastructure, Transport, Institutional & Hospitality. Over the years we have specialised and delivered some key projects where we have planned and built facilities and have gained insights across the spectrum of architecture, sustainability, engineering, and project quality delivery endeavours. Integrating research, strategy, and spatial concepts for occupants, designers and owners is key to deliver projects which are unique, sustainable, and innovative in nature.

Today, we are better positioned than ever before, to provide our clients with a comprehensive, integrated project delivery where we not only lead the design of a project but also fulfil the other key elements of a project formation like Interiors, Landscape, Sustainability and Engineering Services for which we have a dedicated in-house team of professionals.

Confluence continually challenges and improves the way we do things, both as individuals and as a collaborative team. With each passing day, we equip ourselves with the upcoming trends, design innovation, global awareness, and updated technology to strengthen the ability and provide solutions that will meet the business needs of the new era.

Our Philiosophy


Our vision is to deliver sustainable and tangible business value by listening, asking, analyzing and pro-actively engaging each client as a participant in design.

We aim to integrate research, strategy, and spatial concepts for occupants, designers and owners. Our process is deeply informed by the changing nature of working and learning globally, regionally, and locally, and is applied across a range of sectors.



Confluence believes that design is about aesthetics as well as utility. We use the latest, most innovative technologies and techniques to help translate our visions into reality.

Much research goes into the design of our buildings, characterized by strong conceptual intelligibility, use of breakthrough materials and rigorous approach to detailing. We believe in creating projects that are socially responsible, economical,

environmentally sustainable and inspirational. Constant use and awareness of new techniques and application of the latest technology helps in creating our visions to reality.

We build that which elevates the users experience, both in private and public realms. It is our great hope that our sustainable efforts today will positively impact and improve the lives of generations to come.



Our values are underpinned by the principles of humane and sustainable design. Lets DISECT those values and go in depth.



Design is the process of envisioning and planning the creation of user centric innovations and solutions. It is the central node from which we build our practice.



A value we hold true in all our work arenas, this is central to building sound foundations whether it is structures, processes or our relations with external clients and internal teams.



This is a factor which is central in building enduring structures which are made keeping in mind the economic, social and environmental dimensions where the results of our creative work are socially purposeful as well.



In a holistic way, we are sensitive and empathize towards our clients, project teams and internal team member's needs, views and aspirations. This is a priority for our way of functioning. 



While working on any projects we also like to enhance our capabilities through creative and productive collaborations with an inter - disciplinary fraternity.



Closely tied to integrity, we keep our work methods clear and transparent to ensure a trustworthy relationship with our clients which grows every day.