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Cleo County Noida, India

Cleo County seeks its inspiration from the rich built heritage of Ancient Egypt. The central idea behind the master plan is amalgamated integration. To achieve this we delved into our architectural roots and taking cue from there, we planned the complex as a blend of 3 courtyards with ample light and ventilation.


The layout plays on light and colour, adding to the majesty of the structures.

The main gate was designed to capture the soul of Egyptian architecture and turn it into the essence of Cleo County. Naturally it demanded a magnificent gateway, similar to one found at the temple of Philae, Egypt.


A huge green area is provided for kids to senior citizens. What makes it unique is the presence of varied textures for multiple activities i.e. rubberized, concrete, grass, wet and sandy.

LOCATION Noida, India

CLIENT County Group

Area 25 Acres Plot area, 60 Lacs sq.ft Built-up Area